Protection & Communication Wing


  • Formulation of Control and Protection schemes for Transmission networks and Hydro stations
  • Testing and commissioning of protective gear in Transmission Substations and Hydro stations
  • Testing and Commissioning of new equipments (Pre-commissioning tests)
  • TNEB related communication networks – Speech, Data transfer, SCADA.


The Electrical Power System Network is very large and should be protected against faults, if not such faults produce repercussions throughout the network causing extensive damages to the equipments like Transformers Circuit Breakers, Current Transformers, Potential Transformers , Capacitive Voltage Transformers, Protective Relays, Protection Couplers etc connected to it. 

Therefore the Protection Systems are extremely important to control the Switchgear at times of fault to prevent damages to the equipments and to restore the Electrical supply after fault.Regular Testing of a host of Relays of various makes and types - starting from Electromechanical to Numerical Relays are being carried out by P&C wing .


Communication system is the nerve system of any big organisation be it a technical, commercial or government. In the backdrop of the fact that Power utilities have to be operated on dynamically varying conditions, communication system plays a vital role and attributes to the co-ordination between Generation, Transmission and Distribution, Accounting, Inventory etc., TNEB has the following communication systems both wired and wireless communication systems for its own communication needs 

  • Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC) Used for Voice, Data and Inter tripping.
  • No Repeaters needed for even 500Kms.
  • Own Network.
  • Limited Band Width(4KHz for Single channel)

Testing, commissioning and maintenance of entire PLCC network is handled by P&C

TNEB possesses Voice Communication of Dial Communication for all 230KV Sub Stations and Express Communication for LDCs to 230 KV Sub Stations. It has an Optimal, Reliable and Viable Communication Infrastructure Establishment and maintains an uptime of above 99%.

Inter Control Centre Communication is carried out over DMW and Fibre Optic networks which consists of 17 DMW Stations with allied Radio Equipments. Moreover, OPGW Fibre Network between Tirunelveli-Trichy, Neyveli-Chennai, Trichy-salem- Erode with Optical Line Terminal Equipments(OLTE) are maintained by P&C for Reliable Voice and Data Communication.

  • Implementation of SCADA/DMS under R-APDRP for seven towns at a cost of 140 Crores.
  • Implementation of Automatic Power Factor Control panels for about 27000 Distribution Transformers under R-APDRP at a cost of 128Cr.
  • Revamping of ULDC Control Centres at Chennai and Madurai at a cost of 27Cr.
Save-energy1 மின்திறன்/மின்சார சிக்கனம் மின் உற்பத்திக்கு இணையாகும்.       Save-energy2 பாதுகாப்பான எதிகாலத்துக்கு இப்போதே எரிசக்தியை சேமிக்கவும்.      Save-energy3 மின் விளக்குகள் உபயோகத்தில் இல்லாத போது அணைத்து விடவும்.        Save-energy4 அளவில்லா ஆற்றலை அளவாக பயன்படுத்தவும் மற்றும் இல்லாத போது உபகரணங்கள்